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Wonder why America is unhealthy? America’s Top Ten Favorite Foods

Another blog in our crusade to make America healthy! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that America’s Favorite Foods are not making America healthy. There are a lot of unhealthy people in our country. We have to understand that universal health insurance isn’t going to make you healthy. Faster and more affordable health care services won’t do it.  Less wait times for healthcare won’t get you there. It has to be grassroots efforts and it has to start with knowledge. That is the real power. Only you can get yourself healthy! You may need some help, that is what JUICEBOSS HQ is here to do. Help you, and everyone else get healthy! So, cut out the foods that the rest of country loves. That will be a great start towards a healthier you.

Do you regularly eat anything on this list?

America’s Top Ten Favorite Foods

10- Potato Chips

9- Donuts

8- Ice Cream

7- Chicken Nuggets

6- Soda

5- Pizza

4- Oreo Cookies!  Really????

3- French Fries

2- Hot Dog

1- Hamburgers

How about a nice plate of salmon and some steamed asparagus? It tastes great with very little effort. How about a delicious and super nutritious JUICEBOSS HQ smoothie with some organic protein added to it? Want a tasty treat? Try a fresh made BossBowl with acai or dragonfruit. Now you are on the right track.  Let us help you get healthy. Questions? Email us at juicebosshq@gmail.com.

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