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Another Reason Cereal is Killing You! (and your family!)

I have been crusading for years to end all breakfast cereal, yet dieticians across the country continue to encourage the whole grains and fiber and ease of eating these processed, boxed, preserved, anti-nutrient laden and health robbing travesties of our daily lives. I was not immune to the breakfast cereal hoax as I was fed boxes of it when I was younger, but real information and knowledge has a way of changing my outlook. Years ago, I dove into the research that has led to books like Grain Brain and Wheat Belly and I too found that these grains that are used to produce processed cereals and snacks are not full of healthy ingredients, but instead are the harbingers of America’s astronomical statistics of poor health including Type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, chronic pain, inflammation and cancer.

Recent news of the presence of high levels of glyphosphate in cereals, oats and snacks is no surprise to me. The overwhelming surprise is that it is allowed.  Our government agencies designate this as GRAS “generally recognized as safe” in certain quantities.  If you didn’t know, glyphosphate is the main ingredient in weed killers such as RoundUp.  I think if you ask any weed, it would tell you that being sprayed with this toxic chemical is not GRAS to them. The chemical has been verified as causing cancer, birth defects and other health issues. The state of California has attempted to create law that warning labels be applied to the containers, however, a federal judge halted this ruling there is “insufficient evidence” the active ingredient in the popular weed killer causes cancer.

Yet, it is found in cereals and snacks that are fed to small children and consumed in high quantities across the entire country.  If you don’t think the consumption of these highly processed “foods” are robbing you of your health, please try to become more informed. Your food is what brings you health and vibrant life. I work every day with people who have gastrointestinal problems, weight issues, skin problems, fatigue and disease. We find the best things for them to eat and when they implement the changes, they get healthy. Their disease reverses. It can happen for you as well. Please read the article that is linked to this blog. 

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