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Is Your Breakfast Killing You?  PART 1

We are told by adults at a young age that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”  I know you have heard it somewhere by someone. I don’t necessarily understand the thinking.  I mean, are they implying you should eat a healthy breakfast then you can eat unhealthy stuff for the other meals?  I believe that every eating opportunity you have is vitally important, I mean after all, what you eat ends up as your body’s fuel source driving infinite metabolic reactions, providing healing and recovery and constant building, repair, growth and production of all the necessary components of your function and therefore, your health and life. The fact remains that what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks definitely has a profound and determining effect on how you feel, think, function and live. Please go back and read that statement again.  Think about it for a minute.  I will wait before I continue….

Ok, I hope you let that sink in and will think about it every single day.  Now let’s continue, the most alarming fact is that we are taught that a “healthy” breakfast often includes eating “foods” that are basically making it very hard, if not impossible, for your body to work at a high level. These breakfast “foods” eventually create physiological effects that shorten your lifespan and make life very difficult, even miserable. Worse yet, we start this at an early age.  I often hear from patients that they have had “bad luck with their health all their lives”. I contend that there is no such thing as “bad luck”.  One’s “bad luck” is almost always a result of bad planning and bad execution, i.e. they did things that created the “bad luck” or in this analogy, the bad health.

One of my biggest “things that drive me crazy” is America’s obsession with breakfast cereals. Breakfast cereals are one of the single worst “foods” that you could ever ingest. Yet, they are touted as “part of a healthy breakfast”.  My goal with this blog is to attempt to show you how those cereals may be slowly robbing you of your energy, your ability to thrive, your cognitive function, and eventually your life.  Please bear with me because this is going to require a lot more words and time, so we will take several parts of the BOSS Blog to get it all in. I want you to “get” where I am coming from with this information. It is so important to me for you to really understand that you have truly been lied to your whole life when it comes to the EVIL EMPIRE that is the breakfast cereal industry.

So, I ask you, is your breakfast killing you?

It confounds me that we are told bread is bad for us and will make us fat.  You know, the unhealthy kind of fat. But on the other hand, we are told that breakfast cereals are great for us as “part of a healthy breakfast”. I remember as a child watching Saturday morning cartoons and seeing the cereal commercials and at the end of them the image of a bowl of cereal, glass of processed orange juice, piece of white toast and a half of a grapefruit with a little sweet white sugar on top being touted as “part of a healthy breakfast”.  Those of you that are my age remember what I am talking about.  The added bonus is that there would be a toy in that box of cereal. WOOHOO!  The pitfall, that breakfast is daily recipe for TYPE 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and chronic arthritis.  

I am a label reader, as in an INGREDIENT label reader. The ingredient list is the nuts and bolts of whatever it is that you are eating. Have you ever wondered why there isn’t an ingredient label on an apple, or a bunch of green beans? Think about it and get back to me!

When a “food” is highly processed, packaged, and boxed it has to have an ingredient label on it in order to tell you what is in it. That is the law. It is a good thing. We need that information. The manufacturer doesn’t have to necessarily tell you everything, those laws haven’t been passed yet., but that information may provide you answers to one of the reasons you are not thriving with energy and drive and you have “bad luck” with your health.

You see America is a leader in manufactured, processed, packaged, boxed “food” products. America is also a leader in marketing these “foods” and Americans are leaders in buying and consuming them. These “foods” are applauded for their ease of use and their long-lasting shelf life. I mean it is a whole lot easier to pour something out of a box and shove it in our face than to actually prepare a real meal, isn’t it? But is that really a good thing when talking about the stuff that makes our complex and ever-changing body made up of trillions of cells that are constantly reacting and making reactions to run our existence? HMMMMMMMM. I often see parents frustrated with their young children who are seemingly bouncing off the walls, cannot listen or behave, and scream, cry and throw fits all the time. The parents are told that the child has a “chemical imbalance” and needs to be on some type of mind altering drug.  My suggestion, stop the “chemical imbalance” by stopping the manufactured, processed, packaged, boxed “food” products you are pushing down his mouth daily.  There are now plenty of adults running around in the same spot as the little boy.  Think on that one and get back to me.

You see when I teach about this stuff I try to make it understandable. Sometimes I offend people in this age of offended people.  That isn’t my intent, I just want to take it to a level that is real. If you put garbage in, you get garbage out. Right? You cannot feel like a million bucks eating off the dollar menu. Right? Because we can all agree, if you put garbage in, you get garbage out. Right?

So, what of the garbage? How can something that you are told since you were a little kid is “part of a healthy breakfast” be bad for your health? Let’s examine the facts.

America continues to be ranked at the bottom in the world in overall health.  America is ranked 29thin infant mortality rate and 26thin life expectancy. America is the fattest country in the world at a whopping 38.2% obesity rate. We have passed Mexico in that category. America has astronomical cancer and heart disease rates.  We are at or among the worst of those rankings and not surprisingly we are still number 1 in health care spending.  Let’s all chant, “USA, USA, USA, USA!” (Sarcasm intended!)

Question: could it be what we are eating? Americans get over 60% of their daily calories from ultra-processed foods. Here is a fact that should be alarming, processed cereal is the American child’s main source of vitaminsin their diet. Could this be an answer to those rankings?

Next time we are going to explore the research that explains the many problems with the breakfast choice that so many Americans make every day, why they make it and why it may be killing them. Until then I hope these blogs get you thinking about your health and wellness and that of your family, because they are important.  You could say they are BOSS!

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