Come for the Juice, Stay for the Health



 What is the difference between JUICEBOSS HQ juice and store bought juice? - Store bought juice is most often pasteurized and thereby considered a “dead” food. It is really not a lot different than soda because of the high sugar content and very low nutrient content. When companies pasteurize juice, they do it to kill bacteria and provide an extended shelf life of the product. In other words the juice can sit in the plastic bottle indefinitely. In the process, the juice is stripped of the life bringing enzymes and nutrients your body systems require to function at a high level. Your cells require nutrients (vitamins and minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats), enzymes, anti-oxidants and phytochemicals to successfully operate the processes of day to day function, such as making energy. The pasteurization process makes it very difficult for your body to metabolize the contents properly which can lead to chronic inflammation, blood sugar problems, gastrointestinal issues and poor health.  JUICEBOSS HQ juices are fresh and raw, never pasteurized. Our slow and gentle juicing method yields the highest nutritional values and delivers taste perfection. No heat. No freeze. No pasteurization. No aeration. No filtering. No HPP. No homogenation. No water added. No dilution. No BS! Just pure, raw BOSS JUICE.

 Why do people drink JUICEBOSS HQ juice? – Some folks drink our juices just for refreshment, others are targeting a specific benefit.  As they are full of high nutrient vegetables and fruits they can be used as a meal replacement and as a healthy way to improve, optimize and maintain heart health, Metabolic Syndrome, rehydration, stamina, anti-aging, weight loss, energy, beautiful skin, healthier hair, kidney and liver detoxification, decreased inflammation, stress reduction, cholesterol reduction, bone and colon health, muscle recovery, digestive health and more.  They also provide an easy and delicious way to get your highly needed and recommended 5-9 servings of vegetables and fruits each and every day.  Parents, it makes it really easy to get your kids the right amount of nutrition with JUICEBOSS HQ juices.

I don’t like to eat vegetables or fruits! Why should I eat them? - The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits a day, depending on your sex, age and activity level. The benefits of vegetables and fruits are far reaching and not surprising. However, many adults and children alike do not consume enough to reap the benefits. Enjoying your daily dose of JUICEBOSS HQ fresh raw juice is a much easier way to get the recommended amount of vegetables daily.

 When did juicing become a thing? - Obtaining the juice from plants is not new, but the first juice extractor wasn't invented until 1930. The first juicer worked by grating the produce, putting the mashed product in a bag and squeezing out the juice. In 1955, the first kitchen counter juicer was created. It had a screen that the mashed produce was forced through, thus resulting in juice. Two schools of thought made juicing popular: naturopathic and natural hygiene movements.

 Why can’t I just eat my vegetables and fruits? – You can! However, juicing does make it easier to get them daily. A big difference between juiced vegetables and fruits and whole vegetables and fruits is digestion. Proper juicing removes the indigestible fiber that is present. Much more of the nutrients are then absorbed by the body as compared to eating them. Certain diseases, such as inflammatory bowel diseases and malabsorption, make it difficult to digest foods. This can often lead to malnutrition, since many nutrients are not readily absorbed by the body. Juicing is a way for the body to benefit from the nutrients because it is easier to digest.

Is there actual research that shows raw juice is good for you? – There is a ton of research that shows just that. It is well established that both eating and juicing your vegetables and fruits will give you essential nutrients needed by the body to help fight disease. But juicing has been proven to give you more of those nutrients in an easier to utilize form. Vegetables and fruits contain a plethora of micronutrients, anti-oxidants, enzymes and phytochemicals, which have been found to protect cells from damage and help fight disease. These biochemical substances may prevent and fight against heart disease, diabetes, asthma, cancer, allergies and digestive system ailments. A study published in the American Journal of Medicine, reports that both vegetable and fruit juice may help protect against Alzheimer's disease due to the phytochemical polyphenol. Not only does juicing provide more of these phytochemicals, it also provides the body with more purified water contained within the produce.

More important research: - There is no surprise that eating your vegetables and fruits is healthy. According to a report published by the World Cancer Research Fund, choosing predominantly plant-based diets, full of fruits and vegetables, lowers the risk of cancer. A study of 47,000 Italians published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that individuals with high consumption of vegetables and fruits lowered their risk of myocardial infarction by 21 percent and angina by 11 percent.

If you don't like eating vegetables and fruits or cannot digest them, juicing provides a way for you to gain the benefits of these results. A study done by the University of California Davis showed that people who drank their vegetables and fruits in conjunction with eating them were more likely to consume the recommended daily amount. The juice drinkers stated they enjoyed drinking them and found it a more convenient way of adding these vital nutrients to their diet.

Is your produce fresh? – JUICEBOSS HQ produce has to be considered “BOSS” or it doesn’t go in our juice.  We only accept and utilize the freshest, cleanest produce available. This is very important; especially when you are considering the “life” of the juice. Many times produce can be weeks old by the time it arrives in your local grocery store. The longer the produce has been harvested to the time it is consumed, the nutrients can be depleted. When accepting produce from the local sources and providers, we can be confident that the valuable produce has been picked within just a couple of days. In addition, we implement an extensive cleaning process to ensure the cleanest produce possible. 

How much JUICEBOSS HQ juice should I drink? It depends on what you are looking to accomplish.  As regular part of your daily diet, you can drink 8-32 oz. Remember it is raw and unprocessed.  Each of our 16 oz juices requires at least 2 lbs of vegetables and fruits to make. We know that vegetables and fruits are healthy for us and aid us in so many ways, so the more the better.  If you are doing a cleanse, you may drink up to 6 bottle of juice a day, but that is in a cleanse.  So we encourage you to come in and ask questions so we can help you find what is right for you.  

What type of juicing method do you use? JUICEBOSS HQ only uses a Slow Churn, Cold Pressed Masticating Juice Extracting methods to make JUICEBOSS HQ juices. Our method takes raw fresh produce, and create fresh, enzyme and nutrient rich, ”living” juice.  We refer to this as a “live" juice.  A live juice contains the highest possible amount of micronutrients in the forms of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, beneficial proteins, high nutrient unprocessed carbohydrates, healthy soluble fiber and more high quality trace nutrients.  Consumers report that by drinking fresh-made juice, they feel better, lose weight, feel more energetic and are overall healthier.   We are all told that we should eat 6-9 servings of vegetables and fruits every day, but who does it?  Juicing is an excellent way to achieve your proper daily nutrition needs by taking in the right amount of vegetables and fruit.  It is also an easy and delicious way to do it! 

How long does JUICEBOSS HQ Juice last? – JUICEBOSS HQ juice is raw, fresh, and live! We only use a Slow Churn, Cold Pressed Masticating Juice Extracting method which provides the freshest and most nutritious juice available. Our juices is made fresh every single day by our JUICEBOSS HQ Master Juicers. We recommend that you consume your JUICEBOSS HQ juice within 5 days of purchase.  Our juice can maintain 95% of its original nutritional content for up to nine days if kept refrigerated.

 What is the healthiest juice you have at JUICEBOSS HQ? This one is tough to answer because they are all healthy and beneficial for you. Different vegetables and fruits help different parts and systems of the body. Feel free to send us a question or come in and ask so we can find which will be the best for your needs.

The juice seems high in sugar and carbohydrates, is this bad? -  Most people only think of carbohydrates as breads, pasta, cereal and cookies.  But the fact is that all vegetables and fruits are constructed of mainly carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates are composed of chains of sugars. Some have a higher content and different forms of sugar than others. The overwhelming, and possibly surprising, difference is that most people never focus on the quality and content ot the nutrients in vegetables and fruits. Sugar has been given a very deserving bad rap, especially with all of the people becoming pre-diabetic and Type2 diabetic these days. The sugars in vegetables and fruits are really not the main issue because these foods are so highly nutrient dense. 

However, the sugar in processed juice is a huge problem. Remember that with pasteurized juices the nutrients are basically destroyed, rendering them sugar packed without the necessary components to allow optimal function. With JUICEBOSS HQ juices, we don’t add any sweeteners or destroy vital nutrients; it is all health bringing, power packed nutrients and natural sugars contained in the raw vegetables and fruits.

What about the fiber in juices? – Fiber in our daily diets is very important. Again the right type of fiber is crucial.  Fiber supplements are mainly considered insoluble fibers like psyllium. These types of fiber expand when combined with water and cannot be absorbed by the body.  They attempt to push everything through your gastrointestinal tract and don’t really aid the body with nutrition and function. Our JUICEBOSS HQ Slow Churn, Cold Pressed Masticating Juice Extracting methods removes the bulk of the insoluble fiber that your body cannot break down, but maintains soluble fibers which aid the digestive tract in normal bulk and bowel function. It is very important to understand that eating many combinations of vegetables and fruits has never made anyone fat or sick; rather the more of these things you consume, the healthier you will become. No one ever says, “don’t eat that salad!”  Yet the salad with all its greens are carbohydrates made from sugars. It takes about 2lbs. of vegetables and/or fruits to make one 16oz.  JUICEBOSS HQ juice and each 16oz bottle contains between 3-7 servings of vegetables and fruits depending on the formulation. We recommend at least one or two 16oz. juices/day, as this will give your body the majority of the nutrients it needs to thrive.

 What is the difference between juice and smoothies? Well at JUICEBOSS HQ, our juice is just that: juice. It is the most nutritious and best tasting around because we know that we only use the best ingredients and don't add anything to it.  Many juice shops/bars will put alkaline water or coconut water in their juice and tell you it is for health purposes, but it is really just to water down the juice so they don't have to use as much produce. Our mission is to give you the best so we don't ever dilute our juices.  Smoothies are a little different.  At JUICEBOSS HQ, we use our famous juices as a base to our smoothies to which we add your choice of protein (whey, pea or hemp) and any fruit or vegetable you would like added. In addition, we can use our in house made small batch raw coconut milk as a base (Dr. Boss recommends this). You get the deliciousness and health properties of the raw coconut milk in a creamy amazing JUICEBOSS HQ smoothie. We only make our smoothies to order, so get in and be the BOSS!

Why do you use glass bottles? – Our juice is the BOSS! So it deserves the best. That is why we only house our JUICEBOSS HQ juice in glass bottles so it will best take care of until you drink it.  Another reason is because of oxidation. Oxidation is basically the breakdown of nutrients and spoiling of the produce.  You know when you cut an apple and leave it out how it starts to turn brown.  That is oxidation and is the process of destruction like rust is to metal. Plastic bottles are actually permeable to air and glass is not. As a result of this, when JUICEBOSS HQ juice is stored in glass it will significantly retard the oxidative and breakdown process thereby extending the life and health of the nutrition in the juice. Not only that, but JUICEBOSS HQ recycles all of its glass bottles. We want our environment and planet to remain as healthy as we want you to!