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Our people are dedicated to your health and wellness. We work diligently to focus on the healthiest, most beneficial methods to serve you with the freshest, most nutritious juice available. We are here with our years of expertise in training, fitness, chiropractic, nutrition plans, supplementation, massage and more.  We are also available. Feel free to contact us and ask questions.  It is our pleasure to help you on your wellness journey.



Dr. Michael S. Boss

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Michael S. Boss has been a practicing chiropractor, health, and wellness practitioner for over 27 years.  He has utilized his unique and multi-faceted approach to help thousands of people achieve better health, live pain free and function at a higher level. He has worked with athletes and people at all levels, ages and walks of life with one goal: to improve their health. Dr. Boss realized early in his career that while helping his patients with their pain and musculoskeletal issues was important, there were other aspects of their health and wellness that needed help desperately. That began his education process to study functional medicine, nutrition, acupuncture, exercise physiology and training, hormone function and balance, chronic disease, autoimmune disease, nutriceuticals and more.  As a result, Dr. Boss has completed study in the areas of Functional Healthcare including Functional Blood Chemistry, Thyroid Balance and Disorders, GastroIntestinal issues, Endocrinology (hormone imbalances), postural distortion, Brain and Neurotransmitter Imbalances, Autoimmune Disease, Pre-diabetes/Diabetes, Inflammatory Disease, Menopause and Adrenal Function and more.  These achievements have allowed him to help people far and wide eliminate disease, restore health, obtain the body and life they desire, and achieve their health and wellness goals naturally.

Dr. Boss’ innovative Functional Wellness approach covers all the bases.  His research and knowledge of the benefits and health enhancements of proper nutrition and exercise physiology have led him to develop the protocols implemented daily at JuiceBoss HQ.  The staff at JuiceBoss HQ leaves no aspect of your health to chance. The innovative and unique programs help you establish a health based lifestyle founded on scientific research so that you can enjoy a vibrant life and future.  Dr. Boss wants you to avoid the common ailments and health issues that are afflicting the majority of Americans today. He understands the pitfalls in today’s healthcare and believes it is important for each patient to be comfortable and confident with their healthcare provider. This is why he uses a doctor-patient partnership approach. Each individual’s problems and needs are unique to that person. Dr. Boss uses no cookie cutter approaches.  This is why his clients gets results.  Proper evaluation and communication lead to proper treatment strategies and outcomes.

Dr. Boss is a native Texan. Born in Austin, he grew up in Kingsville, Texas.  He completed his undergraduate studies in Biology and Pre-Med at Texas A&M University-Kingsville; obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1991 at Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, Texas; his acupuncture degree and certification through the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture; nutrition and functional medicine through various post-graduate programs and has completed hundreds of hours of post-graduate education.  

When Dr. Boss isn’t helping others improve their health and wellness, he loves to work out inside the JuiceBoss HQ training facility, cycle, play golf, and run with his 2 dogs. When he isn’t doing any of those he enjoys traveling and spending time with his family and friends.


Coach Brent Holmes

Director of Training and Fitness

Brent Holmes is a native of San Antonio for 35 years growing up on the Southeast side. Brent attended school in the East Central Independent School District. While attending East Central High School, sports was a big part of his life.  He participated in the football, basketball and track. He earned All-district and All City honors in all three sports. Just like on the playing fields, he excelled in the classroom staying on the Honor Roll and receiving an athletic scholarship upon graduation to attend Texas A&M University-Kingsville. During his time at TAMUK, Holmes was a part of both the football and track teams for the Javelinas.  He ran the 110m hurdles, 400m hurdles, and 4×400 m relay and was able to become a three-time All-American before ending his collegiate track career. He was also part of the long honored Javelina football team as a wide receiver helping the Hogs become two-time Lone Star conference champions.

Upon completing his studies at TAMUK, Brent earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Education degree with a minor in Biology.  He then followed his dreams of playing professional football in the Arena Football League for 14 years. In 2008, he was blessed to win the AFL Championship with Philadelphia Soul and owners Jon Bon Jovi and Ron Jaworski. Brent finished his career playing in front of his home town playing receiver for the San Antonio Talons.

Coach Holmes spent his off-seasons teaching Science and coaching at East Central High, his alma-mater. He coached football, basketball, and track working with both boys and girls teams. But his passion has been working one on one with his athletes and weekend warriors.  Coach Holmes has worked diligently as a trainer and performance coach in the San Antonio area. He has developed programs to enhance his athletes overall performance and teach them the essentials to become an explosive and effective performer.  He also helps with people who want to get in better shape and change their health and life-styles. Coach Holmes first met Dr. Boss while he was a TAMUK and Dr. Boss was the treating doctor for the athletic program. He has worked with hundreds of athletes and people to help achieve their fitness, health, wellness and performance goals.

Coach Brent Holmes takes pride in helping people in his community and loves to see change and growth with each and every one of his clients. He is passionate about his craft and takes no short cuts to help others become the best they can be.  He understands the wants and needs of the athlete and non-athlete in their quest to make themselves better. 


Kevin Culp

Master Juicer

Kevin is an Army brat that landed in San Antonio at Fort Sam Houston in 2008. He has lived all over the world on US Army bases and installations and learned from a young age the importance of understanding and relating to different cultures and people from all walks of life. Kevin chose to stay in San Antonio because of family that was here for years. He was moved to living a healthy lifestyle after his previous unhealthy way of eating resulted in kidney and gall stones at the same time. He had always been active so he felt in his younger years that he could simply eat and do what he wanted. Once the kidney and gall stones attacked, he had a change of heart.  Kevin recalls that he stopped cold turkey on drinking harmful soda and eating processed food and candy. He learned about kombucha and raw juice instead and won’t ever go back.

Kevin loves helping everyone he can however he can.  He enjoys making fresh raw JJuiceBoss HQ juice and educating people on health and wellness and guiding them along their wellness lifestyle journeys.  In his spare time Kevin enjoys playing guitar and singing and spending time with his friends and family.


Briana Heras

Master Juicer

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Allen Windrow, LMT, MTI

Massage Therapist

Allen is proficient in wellness, trigger point, deep tissue and sports massage. He has training in advanced trigger point modalities including lower and upper back, headache relief and TMJ. He has extensively worked with hip and shoulder replacement as well as spinal chord injuries and surgeries. He is passionate and works hard to help clients overcome pain and maintain a better quality of life. Allen is a veteran of the Navy, and enjoys spending time with his family and his animals.


Jamie Meiko Steil, LMT, LE

Massage Therapist

Jamie Mieko Steil is an experienced massage therapist and esthetician who loves what she does. She is a graduate of the Utah College of Massage Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah and Ogle Cosmetology School here in San Antonio. Jamie is licensed by the state of Texas, certified by the National Certification Board for Massage Therapy and Bodywork, and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. 

In addition to having 12 years of massage experience under her belt, she is a veteran of the US Army and consistently seeks higher education, currently studying Holistic Nutrition to further her knowledge and passion in personal wellness.

Through compassionate and thoughtful communication and listening to the body, Jamie intentionally creates a massage that will suit your needs by addressing both physical and energetic issues. Her massage styles range from stress reduction relaxation to sports massage and trigger point therapy. Jamie enjoys working with clients to resolve chronic pain and headaches, focusing on the head, neck, and back, gently ushering your body to relax. Her therapeutic technique will calm your tension and ease you into a more balanced state.